Silverlode Interactive is an expanding game studio south of Salt Lake City, Utah. It was founded in 2005, by a team of successful movie industry professionals.

Silverlode created the groundbreaking MMORTS, SAGA. It is praised by players and critics alike for its unique fusion of RTS, RPG and collectible gaming. The game was released in March 2008 and continues to win over audiences and publishers across the world.

Mission Statement

Silverlode Interactive is powerfully innovative. Silverlode's leading-edge game development team will continue to reinvent genres; creating superior content that appeals to mass markets and predicts the future of game culture and industry. As a small and focused development studio, Silverlode has the freedom and agility to stay ahead of the pack in creating the next generation of online games.

Key Personnel

Jason Faller, President
Raised in Canada, Jason studied Eastern Religions and Philosophy before transferring to film school in the US. After working as an independent producer for 5 years - during which time he produced the feature films Pride and Prejudice, Moving McAillster and Dragon Hunter - Jason switched his attention to video games, and designed and produced SAGA. As a game designer, Jason continues to seek out new ground to push genres and revenue models.

Kynan Griffin, CFO
Moving from South Africa to pursue his studies in film, Kynan has served as a producer on several successful feature films and shorts, including Pride and Prejudice, Moving McAllister and the award-winning, The Snell Show. Kynan produced SAGA and continues to oversee new developments at Silverlode.

SAGA is a persistent world RTS in an epic fantasy setting. Players collect troops, build armies, conquer new lands and build up kingdoms, complete with resource collection, city building and peasant management. SAGA's features include massive armies, multiplayer questing, raiding, guild wars, espionage, and an auction house for trading troops and spells.

SAGA has no subscription fees. Players pay as little or as much as they decide, by purchasing 'booster packs' of random troops and spells, which are traded and customized to create the strategic army of choice for each player. Visit www.playsaga.com to play today.